Chris King

I am a Web Developer with over 15 years of professional experience. I enjoy learning new web technologies and finding creative solutions to tricky problems.

I'm co-owner of Pleasant Mountain Music, a music school in Vancouver, BC and creator of VanWalks, a walking tour web app of Vancouver. I am currently looking for part-time work or short-term contracts while I continue to work on my own projects.



(604) 724 - 6821


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VanWalks is my brainchild. I conceived of a walking tour app of Vancouver while taking vacations in other countries pre-pandemic. Just before the pandemic hit, I took a working vacation to Mexico to build to the prototype. Upon arriving home, having the world shut down gave me plenty of time to release the first version. I'm currently iterating and developing the sales channels for the app.

VanWalks started as a React Native app, more specifically Expo, but I switched it to be web only in 2023. So far I've done all the programming myself. I've had some help with a small team of freelancers, most of whom I've worked with previously. They helped with the Branding, UI, Research, and Content Writing. The rest is all me, baby!

The back-end for the app uses AWS Serverless, specifically API Gateway, Lambdas and DynamoDB. I tried as much as possible to use to use Rick Houlihan's Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB. is a dynamically generated static site using Gatsby. It pulls from the same data source as the app, so it's always up to date. When there are content updates, I simply publish a new build that has the newest content.

Supprting Projects: A map admin app, a photo editing and uploading site, A rep admin site for keeping track of sales commissions

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Tech I Really Like

  • React / Javascript / Typescript
  • React Native
  • Node / Back-end JS
  • AWS Serverless
  • Wordpress
  • HTML / CSS

Tech I Want To Get Better At

  • Javascript Game Engines
  • Unity / 3D Gaming
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Elastic Search
  • Big Back-end Stacks
  • SQL (It's been a minute)

Tech That Hurts My Heart

  • Java
  • Sharepoint
  • Angular
  • PHP


(604) 724-6821